about April

CRASH!BOOM is a blog documenting my inner ramblings about anything and everything important to me.

Freelance graphic designer by day (ok, mostly by night), I wanted a place to combine my love of lettering and writing. When I’m not drawing letters, I’m probably reading comic books/silly memoirs/not so serious self help books(well maybe a little serious)/good novels,  binge watching a show on HBO/Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime, perusing design books, at a con in a cosplay attempt, hanging out with my dog, dreaming of Disney Land or partaking in good ol’ internet fuckery.

I try and keep things light and fun. Collaboration is something I thrive on, so if you’re down to have some fun together on a project, definitely send me an email at hello{at}crashboomdesigns.com

I’m currently taking on freelance projects & available to chat about your favorite board game.