Current Reads – September 2016


I’ve loved reading for as long as I remember.  I try and read as much as possible. Books, magazines, online publications, comics, graphic novels, news… I try and read it all.  I try to keep my reading material diverse to keep myself from staying in a rut. (Because all I would read would be female led graphic novels… not really a bad thing but yenno, current events are important too.) Audiobooks and podcasts are also a really amazing, so I can continue “reading” when I’m working, doing chores… or anything else other than reading.

Anyway, I like the idea of doing a monthly “Current Reads” post to write a little about what I’m either currently reading or finished reading lately.  It holds me a little more accountable to read different things or to actually finish a book before I start the next one.

So let’s start the list!


UbikPhillip K. Dick

So, the Amazon Bookstore in Westfield UTC has opened, and I have to stay it’s pretty cool. I tend to buy a lot of books on Amazon because of the prices but there’s nothing better than spending the day in a book store, going up and down the aisles and searching for something new.   A lot of the time, I’ll go to a bookstore, leave the store with one book and have added 5 or 6 more books to my Amazon wishlist because it’s just more affordable.

The Amazon Bookstore has a really nice curated selection of books.  All the books have a 4 star rating on Amazon and if you have a Prime membership, you get the online price of the book instead of paying full retail. HOW COOL IS THAT?  I totally went a little nuts in there the first time I visited.

ANYWAY.  One of the books that I’ve picked up was Ubik by PKD.  It’s always been on my radar but I’ve never actually picked it up before.  There was a little section in the store that was like the “You may also like” on the Amazon website.  This was under “If you liked Ready Player One.”  I LOVED Ready Player One, so I debated between the three books it recommend and I eventually purchased two, one of which is Ubik (Whoops.)

I’m only half way through the book and I’m really enjoying it so far.  It was a little hard for me to jump into it at first, but now I’m hooked.  The story focuses on Joe Chip and his boss Glen Runciter, who runs a business that employs people who can block psychic powers.  Basically people employ his “prudence organization” to deflect telepaths or other people with psychic powers for privacy and protection.  It’s really interesting so far and I’ll follow up later when I actually finish it.

If you liked Ready Player One too, I’d suggest it!

Check it out here! 



Backstagers – James Tynion IV and Ryan Sygh

I picked up the first issue of Backstagers from the man himself at Comic Con at the Boom booth.  (And of course I got the Hamilton variant cover.)  The first issue is came out September 21st and I’m dying for the second issue to come out.

The story focuses on Jory’s adventure in a new school and trying to find his tribe.  It is SO much fun.  If you like musical theatre, was part of stage crew you’ll obviously love this.  If you felt like an outcast in high school, you’ll probably love this.  If you just like fun things, you’ll probably love this.  If you’re a fun-loving human being, you’ll probably love this.

If you like Adventure Time, Lumberjanes, Nimona, Gravity Falls, I’d highly highly recommend.

Check it out here!


Lumberjanes & Gotham Academy Chynna Clugston-Flores, Rosemary Valero-O’Connell

Ok, speaking of Lumberjanes… How much more DELIGHTFUL could you get in a crossover?! It’s seriously a match made in my own personal heaven.  Lumberjanes is probably on my top list of the the year and Gotham Academy has been an absolutely joy to read.  The art is AMAZING.  It takes all the elements of both and combines them so well.  There are 4 issues out of 6 out and it’s so so good.

Big thumbs up to Boom & DC for seeing these two franchises come together in such a fun way.  I can’t wait for this to finish and I’ll write more when the run finishes.

If you’ve read one and not the other, first of all.. why? But, you really don’t need to have read both to enjoy.  If anything, this cross over will make you want to read the other.

Check it out here!



Paper Girls – Brian K Vaughan, Jared K. Fletcher, Matthew Wilson, Cliff Chiang

Picked up the first trade of Paper Girls and I sped through reading it. Brian K. Vaughan does a great job keeping you on the edge of your seat and keeps you turning the page to find out what the heck is going on.  Cliff Chiang had me when he was on Wonder Woman.

Paper Girls is set in the late 80’s and focuses on a group of badass Paper Girls.  Some seriously weird shit happens and they find themselves right in the middle of it.

Now I need to get my hands on the second trade.

If you like Twin Peaks, X-Files or Stranger Things, I’d highly recommend.

Check it out here!



In ProgressJessica Hishe

I remember being in college and just dying over Jessica Hische’s Daily Drop Cap project.  If you’re a designer, then you know her work and influence is inescapable.  Her work and client list is just amazing.

This book is way more than just a pretty display of some of her work.  She really goes into her tools, inspiration and process.  Definitely a must pick up for anyone in design and hand lettering.

As a designer and hand lettering enthusiast,  I’m constantly trying to add to my small but growing design book library.  Maybe one day I’ll do a list of my favorite design & lettering books.

Check it out here!



A People’s History of the United States Howard Zinn

I love audio books.  When I’m working, I am the most productive when I have a good audio book in the back ground.  It keeps me from getting too distracted from online shopping or social media while I’m working.  I just finished ALL the Harry Potter books on audio books (which was an amazing an refreshing way of reliving the books) and I’ve been looking for something else to get into.

One of my main criteria for audiobooks is that they’re LONG.  I have an audible account, which gives you 1 book a month.  Since I listen while I work, a book that is only 6 hours long will only last me a good work day.  A People’s History of the US is a whopping 34 hours long.

I’m really enjoying it so far!  Obviously it’s a history book and there’s no history book out there that is completely unbiased, but it’s definitely a really interesting read.  Granted, I went to an all girls Catholic high school, so the version of history taught in those classes were sometimes a little to heavy on the right leaning.  I mean I remember studying in the library one day with a friend and going over history notes saying that Francisco Franco was not a fascist dictator.  The librarian at the time over heard us and looked aghast. “What is your definition of dictator? Are they really trying to endear Franco to you? He was just best friends with Hilter and Mussolini?”  (I mean TECHNICALLY, he wasn’t a fascist… but I get his point.)

ANYWAY! It’s a really interesting listen.  It’s US history told from the perspective of those who have been oppressed, starting with the genocide and enslavement of the Native Americans by Christopher Columbus and his crew.  It’s not a the most cheery read, but definitely worth listening/reading to.

Check it out here!

What have you been reading?  I would love recommendations!


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