Hey, I'm April!


Hey, what's up, hello.

I’m April Moralba and I’m a San Diego based (Philly grown) graphic designer, specializing in hand lettering and illustration. I’m known for my playful lettering, whimsical use of color, enthusiastic attitude and coffee shop recommendations. My breadth of work is diverse, experimental and always evolving to perfectly fit the needs of the project at hand.

I graduated from Drexel University, where I studied and became obsessed with Graphic Design. I minored in Psychology and I dabbled a lot in other course work like business, economics and writing. I actually started out as Psych major and although it was all very interesting, I knew that I was missing something.

I'm fascinated with how people interact, communicate and behave with objects, within spaces and especially with each other. But my insatiable need to create and solve problems made me turn to design. Before knowing what typography was, I was obsessed with letterforms and their usage. These beautiful little symbols are the keys to communication. It wasn't until my advanced typography class with John Langdon that I truly discovered my love of customizing letterforms and my never ending search for play really began.

Feel free to contact me if you have a potential collaboration, a special commission, a coffee shop date, or just want to geek out over Sailor Moon, the last Marvel movie, the latest book you read.